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Great Customer Service. Super nice. Shipping fast. Items are Amazing!!! 100% Recommend!

Siobhaen Z

Lust for Dead Oddities made me some lovely memorial wet mounts of my beloved crested geckos. I highly recommend Lust for Dead Oddities and am looking forward to more pieces in the future. Amanda was very caring, communicative and professional. She answered any questions I had and was a joy to work with. I'm thankful to have a local artist to support.

Michelle D

Absolutely LOVE this shop and all the beautiful creations she makes. Wish I could afford every piece!! I ordered jawbone earrings from her and they shipped so quickly and I always get compliments.

Becca K

Some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry I have ever seen and I am proud to own!

Martina Q

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Commissions Closed

*Please reach out to me via any of my social media accounts or email to discuss any other options for custom orders*

*As of now all commissions are closed to focus on my health and to catch up on current commissions*

*I’ll be accepting commissions for custom Jewelry and decor after the Holiday season.

*Pet Memorials will be closed indefinitely.

Sourcing of Animals

*All animals are legally and ethically sourced as per the values of my brand.
Animals are sourced through donations, natural deaths, sanctuaries, breeders, ethical hunters, taxidermist, pets, food by-products and other collectors.
No animals are killed intentionally for my art.

About Lust For Dead

Founded in 2012, Lust for Dead Oddities has a revolving door of butterfly wings, fetal pigs, pressed flowers, skulls, and magik. As a collector and creator, the main focus of our brand is the preservation of animals via articulation, wet preserving and entomology. You’ll also find other unique items such as jewelry and home decor for sale, along with other oddities.

Each item is thoughtfully made with the customer in mind, and satisfaction is always guaranteed. All animals used in the process are 100% legally and ethically sourced, whether through donation, natural death, legally licensed hunters (who hunt for food), or sanctuaries.

One of Lust For Dead’s most requested applications are pet memorials. While this may not be for the everyday customer, we take the utmost care in preserving the physical afterlife of beloved pets. Our attention to detail and creative eye ensures that each piece has as much spirit as when the pet was alive.

You can find Lust for Dead at a number of local pop-ups in the Albuquerque area including ABQ ArtWalk and Secret Gallery NM. We have been a part of the ever-growing event and continues to represent powerful women entrepreneurs in New Mexico. You can find out more about Lust for Dead Oddities via Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Secret Gallery and ABQ Artwalk on Instagram, Facebook and online for current Artworks available from New Mexico artists.
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