Sourcing of Specimens and Laws

 All Animals are Legally and Ethically sourced and are Obtained throughout the Country. 
Animals are sourced via Donations, retired Medical specimens, donated Pets, Collectors, Taxidermists, Ethical Hunters, Pest Control, Sanctuaries, Food by products, Breeders, and Pet Stores.


                 What is Ethically Sourced mean?

 *Ethically Sourced has a different meaning from one Individual to another. As some see hunting in general as Unethical some don’t.
LFD believes hunting for food without the Animal suffering and not wasting the entire animal as Ethical. 
LFD doesn’t feel Roadkill is Ethical, the Animals sometimes suffer greatly before passing away. Animals that suffer in this manner is NOT Ethical to me however, we don’t waste Animals and rather put them to rest or use them if possible. 
             Why Don’t you use Bats in your art?

 LFD does not use Mummified Bats or Bat Skeletons as US native species are almost ALL Federally Protected. Bats used in pretty much ALL ‘Taxidermy’ mounts you see readily available are almost ALL Illegally poached and some Illegally imported. This Unethical sourcing and collecting is something LFD will never support so these Bats will NEVER be used in my shop.  

         I found a dead Bird can you use it for your Art?

Quick answer, NO. 
over 90% of US species of Birds are also Federally Protected and listed under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This means All Raptors, Song Birds, most Water fowl, Hummingbirds, Corvids and others are a big NO NO. There is hefty fines as well as possible Jail time for possession of their remains, nests, eggs and even feathers. Some states have open hunting season for some Corvids and Fowl but it differs State to State. 
Native American cultures can apply for proper permits to posses Feathers as part of their culture like Eagle and Owl feathers. Fully licensed Taxidermists and Museums etc are allowed to work with Protected Species legally.